Dr. A. Amsath | March 21, 2018 Download

     Biotechnology is one of the recent emerging fields because of its importance in areas like, biochemical, agricultural, animal husbandry, biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical industry and environment. Several broader areas of applications of recombinant DNA technology have been recognized in industry, agricultural, environment and medicine.  Several foundational subjects, namely, molecular biology and biophysics have strengthened biotechnology and accelerated its development. Understanding the basic functions of macrobiomolecules is indispensable and can act as a key tool in developing new techniques in several emerging areas of Biotechnology.

          This book covers the syllabus of “Basic Biotechnology” paper for M. Sc. Biochemistry prescribed by Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli as Extra Disciplinary Course for their M.Sc., Students.   This book attempts to present a simple, understandable text with diagrams for PG students who selected this subject as Extra Disciplinary Course.

          In this second edition, the book has been restructured with the incorporation of tables, figures and updated information. It is hoped that this endeavour will continue to be useful to the students.

     I express my deep sense of gratitude and record to our Secretary and Correspondent, Principal, Colleagues and students for their encouragement to take up the assignment of writing a text book on Basic Biotechnology for the welfare of the Post-graduate student communities. I hope that the book will be very much useful to students in understanding the subject.